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Nicolas Rapp


Nicolas Rapp is a freelance designer specialized in information design, data visualization, cartography and information graphics. In addition to his studio work, he also is the Graphics Director at Fortune Magazine (Time Inc.).

Previously, he was the art director for the Associated Press Interactive Design & Graphics Department based in New York City, where he was responsible for selecting the information and stories the AP covered in graphic format and helping the department of thirty visual journalists to present the most compelling infographics and interactives.

Before being named art director, Nick was a senior graphic designer at the AP in New York and Paris, France. He has covered various top breaking news stories, including the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon and multiple U.S. presidential elections. He has traveled to cover various events.

He has also worked for design companies in France, newspapers in Europe and the U.S., economic magazines and books. He has consulted in the redesign of several newspapers.

Nick has won many design awards for his creations and his work was featured in a handful of art books.

His studio is located in Livingston, Texas.

To hire Nick about a freelance project, you can email him at nicolasrapp@gmail.com.

Portrait of Nicolas Rapp